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The Result

“Mind like Water” is the mantra of the über GTD folks. The notion is that your mind has no waves or ripples trying to remember all you need to do, nor is it working to not forget! Just still, zen calm, 100% focused on each task individually, with a system to keep all other tasks at bay, and organized for later processing….

This ability transcends your own calm. You are lean, mean, efficient, and effective.

With The Secret Weapon, your execution ability is through the roof, and your “throughput” (how much you can get done each hour) is exponentially higher.

Your family and co-workers come to rely on you, because you never drop the ball, and ALWAYS follow up, even when they have long forgotten (How in the hell does she do that?).

You always start where you left off in meetings, because you have the current status of all Action Pending items noted, and ready for a quick review moments before the next meeting starts. No 15 minute “meeting dance” remembering what was to get done for the next meeting, only to lose half of the best ideas.

When Bill walks into your office, hit his .Who tag, and you know all items related to him that you can discuss with him. Now that is powerful.

Oh yea, and your Inbox? A thing of beauty.

Now go Collect, Process, Execute, Review. And Repeat. You were already doing it before. Now do it better.

From TrueToniqs. We’ll help you get there™.


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