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The Secret Weapon system is a lifehack that I can’t recommend highly enough.

After a year with The Secret Weapon, here’s where I stand:

•  I’m a total convert to TSW. TSW just plain works for me.
•  I’ve got my to-do lists cross-referenced across my desktop computer, laptop, iPad, and iPhone. 
•  I have 1,636 active notes, 880 completed tasks, 447 archived memos, and 4,512 notes in the trash… all instantly searchable and available at the swipe of a finger.
•  I have notebooks for my assistant, agent, and others so I can delegate and follow up.

Bruce Turkel, June 2014  •  http://turkeltalks.com/dos

I’ve been trying to find a better way to use GTD and Evernote, but I must admit, despite being very technical, I just found Evernote confusing and complex. I’m delighted to have found your TSW site. I’ve just worked though each of the videos and I just wanted to thank you for all the time and effort you put into it! I kept waiting for the “PAY NOW” button to appear, but it never did!? I’m certainly going to be refering all my friends and clients to your site to get them on track with GTD and evernote.
Thanks again!
Paul, August 28, 2012

I now understand that what I was needing was a database (Evernote), instead of an email Inbox (Outlook).

I have been struggling for years with organizing the flood of information in my life. I’ve tried all kinds of systems and read the book Getting Things Done a couple of times but I could never figure it out. TSW has revolutionized my life. I bought a fujitsu scansnap and with Evernote, and I’m now ten times more productive. I now understand that I needed a database program (Evernote) instead of an email client (Outlook). I do not know how to thank you enough.


I’ve been a GTD fan for a long time and lost my habits during a recent job change. I started using EN late last year, but struggled with how to get it to function for me. I love your approach. I reached out to EN because on the Mac, you can’t see tags so it’s harder to do some of your solutions, but I’m giving it a try. My email Inbox is empty for the first time in 1 1/2 years, so it’s a great start so far. Again THANKS!

Anne Kubek

TSW has made a real difference in our clinic… including the doctors.

Daniel Shaw

Just wanted to thank you for putting all this together, especially the videos. TSW has made a real difference in the day to day running of our dental clinic (www.dentalholiday.co.uk) for all staff members including the doctors have found it a great tool to increase productivity in our very busy medical environment.

Many kudos to you and any other help you may have behind the scenes for TSW.

Read the whole manifesto and just sort of sat back in my chair…in awe

Corey Wofford

Just wanted to write and say you guys blew my mind with TSW.

I’ve been doing GTD for years and am primarily using a self-designed system combining Toodledo for action/reflection and Evernote as the extended mind (perfecting all this over last year after finally leaving my Palm), meanwhile following and partially incorporating other higher level systems such as Agile Results and Mark Forster’s Final Version (though this one is probably more appropriately termed “lower” level as it is action-oriented).

But anyways, yeah, read the whole manifesto and just sort of sat back in my chair…in awe. Man oh man. Very nicely done.

BTW, no question in this email, just felt compelled to write your team and express my admiration.

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