The Secret Weapon is a free organizational methodology for both professional and personal aspects of life that re-organizes emails, ideas, and every to-do big and small into one system that stays synchronized across a person’s computers as well as their smart phones.

TSW’s power comes from its ability:

  • to merge the best of the GTD concept with the software Evernote, a powerful application that works on Windows and Macs, as well as all smart phones.
  • to capture ideas and to-dos when we suddenly come up with them. Wherever that happens to be.
  • to sort these hundreds of items in a way where the only ones you need show up at the place and time you can work on them.
  • to place non-urgent ideas and to-dos further down in the system, and allow the more urgent ones to naturally bubble up to the top.
  • to direct our attention towards pondering life’s larger and loftier goals in such a way where they move from lofty and unobtainable to doable.

Once you’ve implemented TSW, each idea and to-do in your life becomes safely organized into a proper context, awaiting its turn to be brought out, thought out, and processed at the right time. The result is an empty Inbox, a shocking lessening of stress, and this exciting internal feeling that your life is on the right track.

To read the entire manifesto, click here.

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